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Why connectivity matters in commercial Real Estate

Why connectivity matters in commercial Real Estate

There are hundreds if not thousands of real estate projects active in the NCR region alone. This includes commercial real estate and residential real estate projects. When you read through the text, you may find countless advantages that you may have never heard of. But collectively, they all make it sound very promising.

But every promise could fall flat if you can’t reach there.

Yes, we’re talking about connectivity.

Many projects would boast about their connectivity and their proximity to a prominent highway. But you need to remember that highways also pass through the middle of nowhere. On multiple occasions, you may find that you’re only connected to a certain location up to a certain extent and you may not be able to successfully connect the last mile unless you have your car or are willing to walk 2 Kilometers through a dusty road.

The best way to judge the connectivity for any project is to go there yourself. Which is an action that you must perform.

But how do you differentiate between connectivity and Great connectivity?

You can simply judge the state of infrastructure around the real estate project in question.

A promising Commercial Real Estate Project would already have a strong connectivity network around it. By today’s standards, Public transportation also plays a key role in judging connectivity.

Great connectivity ensures ease of access for the general public as well as the general workforce to the establishment. This feature availability has great influence over long-term appreciation of the project and rentals.

For Example, NOIDA sector 62 is an ideal location in terms of connectivity. This vicinity has the complete trifecta of connectivity. This includes metro connectivity via electronic city metro station, Public road transportation via Sector 62 Bus Depot, and well-planned and paved roads with last-mile connectivity.

The most recent upcoming project to invest in such a well-connected sector is Capitol Avenue by Maasters Infra.

Apart from being the most well-connected commercial project in the NCR, it is also being built on fully paid-up land. This further adds to this project’s authenticity and long-term capital appreciation.

Capitol Avenue consists of state-of-the-art office spaces which are optimized to cater to the growing IT/ITES requirements, and the capability to operate 24X7.

The  is a new-age integration of state-of-the-art office spaces and High-Street Retail. This is being built to marry the prestige and legacy of sector 62 NOIDA with the new-age culture of work and leisure.

Maasters offers a wide array of investment options in both Lockable and Unlockable spaces along with different payment options.

To learn more about this opportunity, you can call 8820 800 800.